Thursday, 30 August 2012

Heart palpitations and panic attacks.

Well its seriously been a while, I would say I've been busy but I haven't just lazy. Enjoying my long summer!
What better way to bring the blog back, than with what i am about to grace your eyes with.

A WOMEN'S Jordan release, how else can I describe these but FLY AS HELL! A black Jordan always makes me go weak at the knees and these are no different and with that gold pop I was practically on the floor!

Air Jordan Vii Womens
Black/Metallic Gold
I'm so thankful to the Jordan brand releasing these for the ladies only! When I first saw them my eyes literally came out of there sockets, that was it for the rest of the day these were my only thought process. Do I wait until pay day (Friday) be sensible and get them then or survive off baked beans and cop as soon as I get back to my house. As fellow sneaker heads know, sneaker heads are never 'sensible' when it comes to the habit, addiction, sneakers! Now I'm broke and happy, hence the title of this blog, heart palpations and panic attacks are not what I'm about, having them all day thinking these would never be mine (hopefully i am not alone on this one) wasn't fun.

 Go get yours now at Crooked Tongues pictures also courtesy of crooked tongues.

Friday, 29 June 2012


Nike are well and truly looking after the ladies at the moment with numerous recent releases being aimed at women, and I for one am not complaining.

After the drop of those delightful dynamic blue max ones last week, this weeks sees the release of a mint/white/dark navy colour way.

I really like the freshness of this colour way and very well think it could become a classic, I personally appreciate how the colour on the toe grip has been highlighted through out the, little details like this can really pull a shoe together. Also a great shoe for the summer but can easily take you through to those dreary autumn months (yes I'm talking about autumn already!)

Available to buy from Size?, starting from a size 4! Don't miss out go grab yours now!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Superga x HOH

So this collaboration has been out for a while now, unfortunately I was to late on the first drop to get first pickings. After some late night tweetings I came across a tweet from the man himself, Henry Holland letting us know the Superga website has been re-stocked.

Now that I've got the choice I don't know if I should grab a pair or not. I'm not one for these platform sneakers that are about at the moment which a lot of this collaboration does consist of. But there are some cute polka dot original Surperga pumps in pastel colours (perfect for summer) that have slightly caught my eye.

At £60 a pop, it's not an easy decision to make, tweet us @theyfound_me and let us know what you think! Head over to the Supegra website to check out the full collection and grab yours NOW!


Date for your diary! 

Crepe City X Nike  Summer Selection
Saturday 7th July
10:30 AM – 6 PM
@ Nike 1948, Batemans Row, London EC2A
Admission : Free

Crepe City and Nike have teamed up to put on this summers hottest event for UK sneakerheads. Hosted by Nikes stunning 1948 space, attendance to this event is essential to anyone who takes sports footwear seriously.
As with the 5 events Crepe City have previously hosted, expect to see around 1,000 pairs of Nike trainers on sale from over 20 sneaker sellers.  The shoes shoes on sale will range from the rarest of neck breakers to £30 bargains.
Aside from the shoes on sale DJs Motive, 7oel, Siobhan, CWD , Chris P Cuts (Funhouse) and others TBC will be on the decks all day. As well as food from FARM:Shop, bar, cup cakes and a trademark  Crepe City sneaker giveaway.
As a one-off special for this event there will also be an exclusive for one time only Jordan exhibition in the mezzanine gallery space, which is guaranteed to impress sneakerheads.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I am currently moving out of my old flat hence the lack of posts recently. Burt keeping checking back over the next 2 weeks as more posts will be coming your way!

Now for me to tell you about the challenge, it's a personal challenge to myself as a self obsessed sneaker addict i rotate my sneaks on a daily basis rarely wearing the same pair in a week. As i am moving my old flat now and don't move into my new one until the middle of July all my belongings have gone into storage, which means i have had to limit myself to 9 pairs of trainers for just under 3 weeks. To some of you this may seem like a lot but I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from freedom of choice already and its only been 3 DAYS!!!

Anyways as i haven't blogged in a while i thought i show you what were my main picks for living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks.

The first round picking the finalists, I had already packed the majority that weren't already in there original boxes. Here's what was was left:

And the winners are!!

Dead stock air max deluxe 

Nike Air Max 90's Hyperfuse

Nike Pre Montreal racer perfect for when the sun comes out!

Nike Air Huarache plus so comfy and yet another one for when the sunshine decides to appear.

Air huarache trainer a great all rounder.

Air huarache trainer you can never go wrong with an all black classic.

Nike air trainer ESC just for that colour POP!

Air max 1 because there just classic ain't they!

Air max 90 for comfort and to just kick it in!

So there you go there's my round up of my top 9! I'm waiting on a couple of deliveries so be sure to check back for new posts SOON in the mean time follow us on twitter @theyfound_me and tweets us your kicks! We're interested in you to!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Going on Safari!

Unfortunately I'm not about to tell you about a epic holiday I have booked, but this news is just as good! Nike are going to be releasing there classic Nike air safari! Joining this classic silhouette will be a safari inspired Nike air trainer 1. A release date has been set for around the middle of June, so keep you eyes peeled.

I don't think these will be one for the small feet but if you're a size 6 or above put the date in your diary!

Check the Size? blog for more details.

*Photos courtesy of

Saturday, 5 May 2012

It's been a while.

Hey, so it it’s been a while since I’ve embraced you with my consumerist presence. It’s finally time to update you with my newest additions.

An Easter present to me was these canvas Nike Air Max 1’s. Just the perfect colour way for spring/summer. Although I haven’t been able to get much wear out of them at the moment due to the awful weather we’ve been having and the all canvas EVERYTHING doesn’t fare well in the current climate.

Secondly are these Nike Air Max 90’s which are a JD pick up, would you believe! I’ve wanted them for a while with the volt air bubble unit, who’s eye won’t these babies catch? Yet again a great sneak for the summer!

I had been waiting for these bad boys to drop since Christmas. Air Jordan UV 4! I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but yet another great summer shoe, which will also carry you all the way through to autumn. One of my favourite features on this shoe is the little bit of sparkle on the grey toe guard make it’s especially one for the ladies.

And lastly these were an unexpected addition to my collection Nike Air Mariah PR! Sold to me by my friend Sophie B (watch out for her blog post very soon) at a barganious £15 you gotta love her! The bright pink accents, ultra marine swoosh and panelling against the white fabric is just a classic colour way in my eyes, and one which I can’t wait to wear!

So there you go, hope you enjoy. Tweet us your kicks pics on twitter @theyfound_me. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


You know I’m always here to give you guys a helping hand in the sneaker game, and this is an opportunity not to be missed! 

An old friend of mine and an avid sneaker collector for many years is having a massive clear out to make space in his collection, the best part is he's a size 6!!! Yes so some of you lucky enough to be a six or seven will have a chance to grab some of the bargains that are up for sale! Most the trainers are ranging from £25-£40, more stock will be going up when something has sold out. So if you don't see something you like right now keep checking back because this guy is sitting on some serious heat! 


Thursday, 26 April 2012

The otherside of the pillow.

Hey, on yet another random ebay search i came across these:

Pretty sweet huh? As I’m not a massive Vans head due to the popularity the brand has recently got, but Old Skools, Sk8 Highs and Half Cabs I’m all over! Seeing the tapestry panels on these sent me little giddy, so I went on a little hunt to find them in my size. My first stop was Google nothing, then Google shopping still nothing. Google image was a last chance even if I only got to see a few pictures on a couple of blogs.

This is what got thrown up at me!!!

A neat little blog called the other side of the pillow, not just selling any old commercial vans but dead stock one’s going back as far as the 80's. If you're anything like me looking back at old dead stock gets me drooling it's not just the trainer itself, it’s the box they are stored in, the colour the font, the design all adds to the nostalgia of the shoe this website is defo worth a little look, it's going to be one I keep going back to. 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Who's excited?

This has been coming for a while, but didn't realise it would be so soon and so unexpected! I was pleasantly surprised at worked yesterday when I was shown these.

My heart stopped, palms started to sweat and wanted to tell anyone that would listen and those who didn't, basically I wanted to tell everyone I was so excited. The first release of the 2012 huarache le drop for this year. Unfortunately these are not for those blessed with small feet, but I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to show these to you.

With an all-black exterior apart from a few mustard accents and the signature white soles these are what a lot of people have been waiting for. Unfortunately there are no OG colour ways in this drop, BUT it is the huarache 20th anniversary this year. So expect big things from this silhouette over the next year!

Apologies for the poor picture quality, caught completely unaware.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The aftermath!

After our trip to Swindon, I got home so pleased with my purchases, but instantly started surfing the web for trainers again (I know obsessed right!) I just can’t help myself at times. But I’m glad I did look what i came across this ultimate bargain: After our trip to Swindon, I got home so pleased with my purchases, but instantly started surfing the web for trainers again (I know obsessed right!) I just can’t help myself at times. But I'm glad I did look what i came across this ultimate bargain: 

The same trainers I had just bought for £27 and the grey ones for £33!!!
I was all over the grey ones like a rash obviously, my day could just not get any better!!

So yeah I have gave you a heads up! Go over there and grab yourself a bargain!

The same trainers I had just bought for £27 and the grey ones for £33!!!
I was all over the grey ones like a rash obviously, my day could just not get any better!!

So yeah I have gave you a heads up! Go over there and grab yourself a bargain!

Aqua delights

As everyone probably knows by now one of my favourite things to do on the odd day off I get is to look at trainers, I have also found this in penny that also helps run they found me! Our friendship has been formed mainly on trainer perving. So on one of our joint days off we took a trip to Swindon designer outlet shopping mall. Mainly (only) for the Nike and Footlocker outlets to see what we could find.
We thought we would only be there for 2 hours, we were there all day! I advise anyone to go there as I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Here’s what I picked up on that day…

Nike air trainer esc:
Loving the aqua outer sole, it really makes the shoe pop against the all black leather upper, easy to keep clean and great for any occasion. 

Penny picked up some sweet structures

And here’s some of the stuff we wanted but wasn’t in our size (for the big footed crew)

And our choice of kicks for the day were:

Monday, 26 March 2012

3 is the magic number.

I have been waiting to post about these for the past week! I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and they arrive and are not as good as I thought they were, BUT THEY ARE!!!!

You can now understand my pure excitement! 3 pairs of air trainer Huaraches. Get ready I’m about to tell you how they found me.

Last Monday I was having a trainer day where I spend all day just looking at trainers, be it reading blogs, searching for new releases checking online stores (sometimes the ones you don’t think about have the best gems, post to follow.) and mainly searching eBay one of my favourite past times even if they aren’t my size. When I came across these all 3 pairs in the same auction well that was enough for me I was already all over them, read the details seemed legit looked at the price….starting bid £10 I think it was buy it now £15 so it doesn’t take a lot to work out what happened next buy it now.paypal.mine!

There had to be a catch, someone couldn’t possibly be selling these delicious beings for £18 including p&p were they box less, falling apart or would I just be getting one pair. Had I set my hopes to high? After a week of sheer anticipation they finally arrived today!

So happy to finally put this post up I think it’s one I’ve been the most excited about.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fresh from 93!

These quite literally found me whilst walking around Portobello market one sunny Friday afternoon. As I was not really looking for anything in particular, I had just got back from Paris with loads of clothes and a pair of new kicks in tow. I was just weaving in and out of the stalls enjoying my surroundings when I turned one corner and there they were!

I couldn't believe my eyes, sitting on their original box!! It was all a blur from there on I knew I had to have them!
The situation was, the guy selling them either new what he had sitting there and selling them for £££’s or was completely oblivious. So I asked the dreaded question ‘how much are they?’ he replied with £60 although that was a good deal I’m a student and can’t make any rash decisions so I walked on thinking about them for the next 10 minutes in a daze. 

I went back to try them on, they were perfect! Now I defo couldn’t leave them after a chat with the stall owner he let me have them for £50 the deal was done! I am still buzzing to this day.

 So I guess the moral of the story is: These things do just find you.

Gem Gem appeal

This is not so much of a they found me moment more of an appeal for our Gem Gem (Gemma) and her poor air max lights that were the current love of her life and just over a month old trainers.
To say Gemma isn’t the biggest sneaker head is an understatement but she does like to keep her sneaks clean, we all do right?

2 weeks ago this happened…

After ‘losing her key’ or so she thought, late one Saturday night she attempted to break into her own house. Climbing over gates and jumping on roofs to open any window she thought possible (whilst carrying her trusty clutch bag). this resulted in worn away new buck and permanent scratches on the toe box.

After all this effort and she still couldn’t get into her own house, as her last resort and last £1.50 she phoned me saying she was outside my flat! After a shower, some fresh clothes and a brew she was back to our Gem Gem again her poor max lights in the corner out of sight.
I have thought about starting an appeal to get Gemma some new kicks, as you can tell from the picture she needs some!