Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Aqua delights

As everyone probably knows by now one of my favourite things to do on the odd day off I get is to look at trainers, I have also found this in penny that also helps run they found me! Our friendship has been formed mainly on trainer perving. So on one of our joint days off we took a trip to Swindon designer outlet shopping mall. Mainly (only) for the Nike and Footlocker outlets to see what we could find.
We thought we would only be there for 2 hours, we were there all day! I advise anyone to go there as I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Here’s what I picked up on that day…

Nike air trainer esc:
Loving the aqua outer sole, it really makes the shoe pop against the all black leather upper, easy to keep clean and great for any occasion. 

Penny picked up some sweet structures

And here’s some of the stuff we wanted but wasn’t in our size (for the big footed crew)

And our choice of kicks for the day were:

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