Monday, 26 March 2012

3 is the magic number.

I have been waiting to post about these for the past week! I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and they arrive and are not as good as I thought they were, BUT THEY ARE!!!!

You can now understand my pure excitement! 3 pairs of air trainer Huaraches. Get ready I’m about to tell you how they found me.

Last Monday I was having a trainer day where I spend all day just looking at trainers, be it reading blogs, searching for new releases checking online stores (sometimes the ones you don’t think about have the best gems, post to follow.) and mainly searching eBay one of my favourite past times even if they aren’t my size. When I came across these all 3 pairs in the same auction well that was enough for me I was already all over them, read the details seemed legit looked at the price….starting bid £10 I think it was buy it now £15 so it doesn’t take a lot to work out what happened next buy it now.paypal.mine!

There had to be a catch, someone couldn’t possibly be selling these delicious beings for £18 including p&p were they box less, falling apart or would I just be getting one pair. Had I set my hopes to high? After a week of sheer anticipation they finally arrived today!

So happy to finally put this post up I think it’s one I’ve been the most excited about.

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