Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I am currently moving out of my old flat hence the lack of posts recently. Burt keeping checking back over the next 2 weeks as more posts will be coming your way!

Now for me to tell you about the challenge, it's a personal challenge to myself as a self obsessed sneaker addict i rotate my sneaks on a daily basis rarely wearing the same pair in a week. As i am moving my old flat now and don't move into my new one until the middle of July all my belongings have gone into storage, which means i have had to limit myself to 9 pairs of trainers for just under 3 weeks. To some of you this may seem like a lot but I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from freedom of choice already and its only been 3 DAYS!!!

Anyways as i haven't blogged in a while i thought i show you what were my main picks for living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks.

The first round picking the finalists, I had already packed the majority that weren't already in there original boxes. Here's what was was left:

And the winners are!!

Dead stock air max deluxe 

Nike Air Max 90's Hyperfuse

Nike Pre Montreal racer perfect for when the sun comes out!

Nike Air Huarache plus so comfy and yet another one for when the sunshine decides to appear.

Air huarache trainer a great all rounder.

Air huarache trainer you can never go wrong with an all black classic.

Nike air trainer ESC just for that colour POP!

Air max 1 because there just classic ain't they!

Air max 90 for comfort and to just kick it in!

So there you go there's my round up of my top 9! I'm waiting on a couple of deliveries so be sure to check back for new posts SOON in the mean time follow us on twitter @theyfound_me and tweets us your kicks! We're interested in you to!

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