Thursday, 30 August 2012

Heart palpitations and panic attacks.

Well its seriously been a while, I would say I've been busy but I haven't just lazy. Enjoying my long summer!
What better way to bring the blog back, than with what i am about to grace your eyes with.

A WOMEN'S Jordan release, how else can I describe these but FLY AS HELL! A black Jordan always makes me go weak at the knees and these are no different and with that gold pop I was practically on the floor!

Air Jordan Vii Womens
Black/Metallic Gold
I'm so thankful to the Jordan brand releasing these for the ladies only! When I first saw them my eyes literally came out of there sockets, that was it for the rest of the day these were my only thought process. Do I wait until pay day (Friday) be sensible and get them then or survive off baked beans and cop as soon as I get back to my house. As fellow sneaker heads know, sneaker heads are never 'sensible' when it comes to the habit, addiction, sneakers! Now I'm broke and happy, hence the title of this blog, heart palpations and panic attacks are not what I'm about, having them all day thinking these would never be mine (hopefully i am not alone on this one) wasn't fun.

 Go get yours now at Crooked Tongues pictures also courtesy of crooked tongues.

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