Thursday, 26 April 2012

The otherside of the pillow.

Hey, on yet another random ebay search i came across these:

Pretty sweet huh? As I’m not a massive Vans head due to the popularity the brand has recently got, but Old Skools, Sk8 Highs and Half Cabs I’m all over! Seeing the tapestry panels on these sent me little giddy, so I went on a little hunt to find them in my size. My first stop was Google nothing, then Google shopping still nothing. Google image was a last chance even if I only got to see a few pictures on a couple of blogs.

This is what got thrown up at me!!!

A neat little blog called the other side of the pillow, not just selling any old commercial vans but dead stock one’s going back as far as the 80's. If you're anything like me looking back at old dead stock gets me drooling it's not just the trainer itself, it’s the box they are stored in, the colour the font, the design all adds to the nostalgia of the shoe this website is defo worth a little look, it's going to be one I keep going back to. 

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