Sunday, 12 February 2012

School Daze

Through my teenage years my mom would never fork out money for trainers she just didn’t get it and still doesn’t.  This is probably the main reason why I’m so obsessed with sneakers!

The Nike air max deluxe is one of the key trainers that remind me of starting secondary school. But as you have probably guessed these beauties never got to touch my feet. Priced at what I can remember around the £100 mark my mom would never buy me these, the closet I going to get was going in to JD just so I could touch them, I wasn’t even sure if they came in my size! The other place I got to see them was on the school bus the popular girl who went to the school next door had them, I would gaze over at them for the entire bus journey.

I’ve always looked at peoples trainers before I checked out there faces even if it’s just a quick side eye, I can honestly say these caught my eye from day one! The fully exposed air bubble and that pattern I fell in love!

That was all in the year 2000 coming forward 12 years!!! As of a few days ago I finally have these beasts on my feet. Being 12 years old I am very cautious about wearing them, all kinds of disastrous things could happen air bubble popping, sole falling off. I just can’t bear to think about it! I am just so pleased to have my dream childhood sneaker that finally found me! I thank you Size? Dead stock.

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